Garnet is the Birthstone of January and So Much More: The Stone of Love & Connection

This post gives a brief history of the stone garnet, which is the birthstone of January (or for the modern astrologer, the stone of Aquarius).  We most commonly see garnet in it's deep red hue, but the more rare forms of garnet include green, orange, and even black.  

Where does it come from?

Garnets have been used in many civilizations from the Egyptians to the Romans as a celebration of luxury.  Anthropologists discovered a garnet necklace in an Egyptian grave that is believed to be from 3800 BC.  Most modern garnet is mined from Europe and Africa.

What does it symbolize?

Red garnet symbolizes love and connection.  It has historically served as a symbol of protection and was frequently gifted to loved ones before leaving home to travel. Garnet makes a great Valentine's day gift or a gift for a long distance relationship.  Garnet is the gemstone of the second anniversary but it can be gifted during any point of a relationship as a symbol of a strong bond.

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Does garnet have energetic properties?

Garnet is believed to enhance connections for the wearer and heal broken bonds.  It is a useful token for fostering self love or rebuilding a broken connection with a loved one.  Because garnet is believed to help build connections, it is a common gift in the business world or for people in a service position.

Want to learn more?

My favorite place to search for gemstone information is the Gemological Institute, find their page on garnet here.

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