Modeling for Topaz & Pearl

Thank you so much for your interest in modeling and collaborating with us!  We are always looking for energetic and fun Bay Area ladies to model our designs.  Here’s everything you’ll need to know before a shoot:

Date, Time, Location

Our upcoming shoot will take place in Sonoma County (exact location TBD)

August 30, 2019

3-6 pm

What’s the shoot like?

Our shoots are really fun! We scout the location first to make sure we know the best areas and lighting to get the ultimate shots.  Our shoots are outdoor and in public or semi-public places like downtown, or a park. We bring lots of props and styling tools.  We will give you direction but we want you to be yourself in front of the camera! Most of the shots will be close in, like a headshot style.

What are the requirements?

All that we ask is that you show up on time, bring good vibes, and do your best.  There are no physical or experiential requirements. We will ask for your sizes and/or measurements so we can bring appropriate clothing & accessories.

What To Wear/Bring

Please arrive wearing jeans and a tank-style bodysuit or tight, tucked-in tank top (nude or black)

We will have additional pieces such as tops, dresses, hats, and of course jewelry!

You are responsible for your hair and makeup, see details below

Please bring a pair of cute and decently-comfortable black shoes (not tennis-shoes)

If you have a favorite hat or purse that you think fits with our modern-bohemian style, you’re welcome to bring it - sometimes these surprises make the shot!

Hair & Makeup

You should arrive with hair and makeup ready.  Your eye makeup should be neutral/smoky/natural tones and not a lot of color (no bright colored shadows).  You should aim to have an everyday-inspired look, but makeup always translates lighter through photos so it is okay to add a little more than you normally wear every day.  You are encouraged to bring multiple lip colors.


We truly value your time and the effort it takes to perform at a shoot.  As a budding business, we offer trade-based compensation. In exchange for your time, you will receive access to the photos for you to use on your Instagram, website, and portfolio.  Every model has the opportunity to be featured and tagged on the Topaz & Pearl Instagram page, featured in printed catalogs, and on our website. You will also receive a free gift from Topaz & Pearl.


By collaborating with us on a shoot, you agree that if you choose to share the photos, you will tag both @topazandpearljewelry and @liftec_media in each post. We will do the same for you (:


We will send out details and updates via email, so please provide your email address

Please provide us with your cell phone number so we may contact you in the case of any day-of urgent messages

If you need to get in touch, please mail

When will I see the shots?

We strive to make the shots accessible to you as soon as possible, which is typically 4-6 weeks after the shoot. In the meantime, you’re welcome to repost any of the previews that we post on our Instagram. We will send you a Dropbox link with all of the photos when they’re ready to be released.