Fall 2020 Buying Guide

Fall & Holiday 2020 Buying Guide

The Fall Favorites collection on my Faire page is a combination tried-and-true sellers for Fall, along with new colors of best-selling designs!

New Colors:


Your customers will go ga-ga over this new color. Teal can be worn year round and is flattering on every skin tone. I'm excited to introduce what I think will be the next best-selling color!

Army Green

A fall neutral that complements all of the best cozy sweaters you have in stock.

Mauve Mocha

This amazing new color is a bit of a multi-tonal finish. It is a deep mauve with hints of amber and brown.

Crescent Moon Necklace
Now Available in Black!

Fall and Holiday Best Sellers

Simple, dainty necklaces like the Brass Dainty Necklace with Tiger's Eye is a popular fall choice with it's warm tones and is easy to wear. These are now packaged on necklace cards which helps them stand out to customers!

Geometric Chevron Earrings, Confetti Necklaces, Hexagon Drops, and Matte Seed Bead Hoops with Bronze - Each of these are customer fall faves!

Dalmatian Jasper is great for fall with it's cookies-and cream vibes.

The Hammered Coin Necklace is a year-round best-seller! These are the perfect casual necklace to pair with a sweater and booties!

Dainty Gemstone Chokers are flirty and simple! The bronze and red wine colors are especially perfect for fall! They layer well with the Crescent Moon Necklace and Hammered Coin Necklace.

Check out the Solid Seed Bead Hoops in Iridescent Colors for simple hoops that match Gemstone Chokers. The Red Wine and Bronze colors are a fall dream-come-true!

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