raw rough ruby crystal july birthstone necklace on white background
raw ruby july birthstone necklace on white background
multicolored birthstone necklaces layered on woman
january through december display of birthstone necklaces
end clasp of birthstone necklace on white background
end clasp and extender chain of birthstone necklace

Rough Ruby Necklace

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  • Authentic rough Ruby
  • Fully adjustable length up to 18 inches
  • Beautifully packaged and ready for gifting
  • Create a customized birthstone necklace here

This amazing birthstone necklace is made with gemstones in their raw, rough form.  They have a beautiful texture and are exactly how mother Earth made them! These are so unique, and every stone has its own expression, no two are the same. 

Ruby is the birthstone of July and is also a common gift for loved ones, friendships, and self-love. It is a stone of joy, leadership, and selflessness.