topaz and pearl modern bohemian jewelry for women made in the usa

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Handmade in California

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Your customers will go ga-ga over these styles, and love you even more for the price point! We strictly use high quality materials, setting us apart from the cheap fast-fashion brands with a value that can't be beat. Not sure where to start? Choose a selection of our best-sellers, they fly off the shelves!

Confetti Necklace (8 Colors Available) - SRP $35

Assorted Beaded Earrings - SRP $35 - $39

Dainty Beaded Labradorite Choker - SRP $39

Rainbow Confetti Choker - SRP $35

Geometric Chevron Earrings - SRP $35

Hammered Coin Necklace - SRP $30

Dainty Beaded Gemstone Chokers - SRP $39

Hexagon Drop Earrings - SRP $35

Crescent Moon Necklace - SRP $39

Matte Seed Bead Hoops - SRP $35

Gemstone Stacking Bracelets (26 colors) - SRP $25

How to Order

  • Our jewelry can be ordered online using FAIRE, the wholesale marketplace
  • FAIRE provides easy reordering, flexible terms, & risk-free trials
  • *New to FAIRE Wholesale? Awesome! You get $100 off your purchase of Topaz & Pearl when you use our link! Click the button below to get started.

Risk-Free 60 Day Trial

Your first order qualifies for net 60 payment, free shipping, and free returns for 60 days. That means you can stock our jewelry completely risk-free for 60 days! If it's not a good fit, simply return it before you are charged.


- $250 minimum opening order

- Net 60 payment

- Free shipping when you use our link:

Still have questions?

See the FAQ below.

About Topaz & Pearl

We get it: in a sea of fast-fashion, finding unique jewelry that's affordable and made in the U.S.A. feels like searching for a needle in a haystack. Well girl, it's time to ditch the pitchfork and pick up a margarita! Topaz & Pearl is your source for modern boho jewelry that is handcrafted in California to the highest quality standards (no really, we're obsessed with quality). Our tiny team crafts pieces in-house, and we go above and beyond for our retail partners by shipping quickly and providing excellent customer service. Our designs are created by our founder, Julia Cipollone, the dreamer behind our brand (and the one who will be happy to answer all of your questions). We offer convenient, online wholesale ordering through Faire Wholesale, so you can spend less time sending emails and more time sipping frozen drinks with little umbrellas. Cheers to that!


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Where can I view the full line sheet?

Please log into our wholesale page at:

I'm still unclear about what Faire is.

Don't worry, we'll make it simple.

Faire is an online wholesale marketplace. In addition to our products, you'll find products from thousands of independent brands in this curated space. Faire does not cost you anything to join, and there are no fees for buyers to use the platform.

We at Topaz & Pearl will make, package, and ship your order along with providing tailored customer service. We are here for you in every way.

Faire will process your invoice and payment. We choose to partner with Faire because of the preferred terms they offer buyers, including net 60 payment terms for brick-and-mortar shops, risk-free product trials, and more.  

We appreciate if you use our direct Faire link. When you purchase through this link, we won't pay a commission on your order and that really helps our small business! Our link is

How do I know if one of my neighbors carries your line?

Please use the contact form to send us your store name and address, we will reach out soon.

How often do you introduce new designs?

We release several new collections per year, along with mini collections every season. Our wholesale buyers often gain access to new items before they hit our retail site, keeping you ahead of the trends.