How to pose for lifestyle photography: Tips for getting candid and natural photos

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Learn how to pose in photos to bring out the essence of who you are. 

 Whether you're planning a lifestyle photoshoot for your business or your family, you want images that look natural, not staged. I bet you want those fun, casual photos that show your personality. But what if you feel stiff as a board in front of a camera? I know EXACTLY how that feels. I used to be so nervous getting my picture taken, and it's definitely something I'm still working on. But I have to say, I recently did a brand photoshoot in Jackson Hole and it was the BEST photoshoot I've ever done because I finally see my fun, natural self in the images. I want to tell you what I did and I promise, you will get the most amazing lifestyle photos if you try some of these tips!
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Now of course, whether or not you get the type of shots you want depends a lot on the photographer. You should seek out a photographer who takes the type of artistic shots you want. That being said, there are some awesome tips I've learned over the years that helped me take control of my posing. Ultimately, I finally learned how to relax in front of a camera and take great lifestyle photos.

Here are my top posing tips for natural looking photos:

Stay in motion

This is probably the most impactful tip of all! Doing little movements with your body creates an interesting photo and is easier than you think. Simple motions like brushing your hair behind your ear, looking away from the camera and then looking back, swaying from side to side, and making yourself laugh are all good ideas for inducing a candid moment.

Bring props

Props can help encourage natural motion and make your photos more interesting. Plus, it's an opportunity to infuse your personality. Think of some objects that you use regularly or represent your style that could be incorporated into the shoot. In this photoshoot, I used a polaroid camera, a hat, faux leaves, and the keys to our van.
Here are some prop ideas for you:
- Laptop
- Notebooks, books, journals
- Your favorite coffee mug
- Lipstick
- Flowers
    woman modeling jewelry

    Plan an activity

    This tip combines numbers 1 & 2 for maximum impact. If you can incorporate a small activity into your shoot, you can introduce a whole new dynamic. For me, making jewelry was the activity and I love how the action shots came out! You want to create a setting where you (and possibly your family or your products depending on your situation) are still the main focus, but there is something going on in the photo that makes it extra interesting. These types of photos translate especially well into social media posts. Here are some ideas for things you can do in your lifestyle shoot:
    - Making your favorite food
    - A picnic
    - Playing a game with your family
    - Packaging your product


      Spinning in place is a great way to get beautiful action shots that look natural. Don't worry, you don't have to get dizzy. I only do half turns, back and forth from side to side. This is especially fun if you have a great dress on! I alternate looking at the camera and looking away. Just stay in motion the whole time and you're bound to get some great candid shots. That's the thing about great photos: it's a numbers game. If you stay in motion and the photographer keeps snapping, you two will make magic.
      woman spinning in dress
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      Now that you've heard all my best tips, I just have one last piece of advice to leave you with: You must let go of your desire to appear perfect. Did I just read your mind? It's cus I've been there too sister. Focus on having fun and don't obsess over angles and standing so perfectly posed that you look like a mannequin. Take a deep breath, relax, and just pretend the camera is your BFF. Trust in the process and you will be admiring your amazing, natural lifestyle photos for years to come.

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