7 Unique Gifts for Mom - Different & Intersting Gift Ideas

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About the Author:

Julia is the owner and designer of Topaz & Pearl handmade jewlery. Growing up, her dad worked at a greeting card company and gifting is her love language, so she knows the exciting feeling of finding that perfect gift!

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Your mom is anything but basic, so why should her gift be?

When it comes to showing the mom in your life how appreciated she is, finding a gift that reflects her personality and story is a special gesture.

In the digital era of uber-convenient e-commerce, nothing is less thoughtful than hurriedly clicking “Buy Now” on Amazon just to check another task off of the to-do list.

I get it -  finding a unique gift for mom that expresses her personality and special place in your life can be challenging, but it doesn't have to be!

I’ve done the heavy lifting for you and have scoured the internet high and low for the most thoughtful, unique gifts for mom.

Whether you are looking for a personalized gift for Mother's Day, an interesting birthday gift for mom, something different for an outgoing grandma, or an out-of-the-box push present, look no further. I got you.

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Our Top 7 Unique Gifts for Mom (and Stepmoms, Grandmas & Special Women):

7) A Customizable DIY Face Mask Kit

Pamper that mama who could really use a break with an at-home spa day. With this exquisitely handcrafted make-your-own-mask kit, you select which products and ingredients best fit her skin and can even include a personalized message. With all five-star reviews and displayed gorgeously in a gift box delivered to her door, Mom will love the opportunity to give herself – instead of everyone else for a change – a little extra TLC.

6) A Bold Silk Scarf from Centinelle

Before you scoll on thinking this is just another scarf, think again! "Neon flavored icing on the vanilla cake of life" is the tagline of the silk scarf brand Centinelle. That should tell you about their fun, colorful, and spunky style. Their luxurious silk scarves feature hand-drawn designs in bold colors and all types of themes from animals, to dancers, and even vegetables. It's a unique gift for a mom that loves making a statement with her fashion and you can surely find a design that suits her personality and interests.

a silk scarf with strawberries and foxes
Strawberries and Foxes scarf by Centinelle​​

5) A Coffee subscription that makes a difference

Starbucks is overrated. Make Mom’s mornings and gift her with local, small-batch, craft-roasted coffee delivered right to her door. Not only will you support small business with this gift, but you will also further the company’s incredible mission of employing, educating, and training people with disabilities.

4) Darn Tough hand-knitted socks

For the mom who loves hiking, the outdoors, or lives in the midwest (brrrrr), these handcrafted American-made Merino wool socks live up to their name and come with a lifetime guarantee. Touted as the most comfortable, durable, and best-fitting socks available today, this family-owned business is dedicated to unmatched quality and promotes sustainability (no more holey, wasted socks taking the fast track to the trash can!). Plus, they’ll replace them free of charge in the highly unlikely event that you do wear them out. Never having to buy socks again? Sign us all up (but especially Mom).

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3) A personalized photo gift

We might grow older and live further away from Mom than we wish we did, but treasured memories tell a timeless story in photographs that will warm her heart for years to come. Dig up that box of photos from your favorite family vacation or the first time she held her grandchild. From a customized photo book she will never put down to a Canvas print of the whole family, she is sure to cry tears of joy at the nostalgia such a thoughtful gift will bring.

2) Experiences

Something that means more to Mom than any material thing is making memories with the people she loves most. For the mama whose love language is quality time, the ideas are endless: a hot air balloon ride, a cooking or Salsa dance class, a spring hike in a national park, snorkeling, paddle boarding, or a long weekend in the mountains or at the beach. You know her best – take her to do something fun! The company is really the gift, after all.

1) A Raw Birthstone Necklace that celebrates her story

handcrafted raw birthstone necklace is a unique gift that showcases your family’s rich history with the beauty of raw birthstones.

Personalized raw birthstone jewelry is a one-of-a-kind gift that speaks volumes without saying a single word. Moms LOVE to carry a symbol of their favorite people with them every day, worn close to her heart.

She will also love all the compliments she will inevitably get, because it's an excuse to rave about her amazing family.

See what other customers are saying about their raw birthstone jewelry gifts:

Customizing A Raw Birthstone Necklace for Mom:

You can select just Mom’s birthstone to be the star of the show or combine it with the birthstones of her children (or just the favorite child – you, obviously), grandchildren, or even the birthstone of her favorite fur baby. 

For the mothers in our lives who have lost someone special, she can be reminded of her loved one and think fondly of the memories they shared by wearing their birthstone close to her heart. Because nobody we love is ever truly forgotten.

For the expecting mama, a raw birthstone necklace is a timeless gift that could be a future family heirloom. It will serve as a tangible reminder of her purpose, the immeasurable mark she will make on on the world as a mother, and will spark joy every time she glances at or touches it.

a mother

Sometimes we need a physical reminder of just how beautiful and fleeting life’s most precious moments truly are. 

Packaged beautifully and ready for gifting, you’ll even be able to include your own gift message.

Choosing a personalized and unique gift for mom means she will be thrilled to have something timeless to hold onto instead of fleeting chocolates or yet another Starbucks gift card. Instead, make this Mother’s Day one she remembers – forever. Create your masterpiece for Mom today.

Make Mom Feel Special With A Unique Gift

The woman who kissed every scraped knee, wiped every tear, and was your #1 fan during your awkward adolescent phase deserves the world. She deserves a truly unique gift that reflects her personality and special place in your life.

Let’s be honest – moms are tired of chocolates and flowers that wither in only a few days. Sure, they are good go-to gifts, and certainly better than nothing, but what if we actually considered what Mom might truly want this year (since world peace is not an option)? 

A unique gift for mom that is personalized to her story shows your thoughtfulness and how much you love her.

I hope this list was helpful in sparking new ideas, and maybe you even found the perfect gift for the mom in your life.

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