What's my birthstone? A month-by-month guide

Learn about the birthstones of you and your loved ones, plus unique tips for incorporating them into personalized jewelry

    At Topaz & Pearl, we specialize in handcrafting jewelry to celebrate your story.

    Birthstones, especially raw birthstone crystals, are the perfect way to do that. Birthstones represent your one big, beautiful life and the people you share it with.

    Gifting a piece of personalized birthstone jewelry is a sentimental reminder of how special each individual truly is. Whether you're wearing your own birthstone, the birthstone of your children, husband, a loved one who has passed, or anyone close to you, it is a way to keep your most important people close to your heart.

Birthstones by Month:

raw garnet crystals on a white backdrop. garnet is the birthstone of january.

january: garnet

Garnets come in a variety of colors, with dark red being the most common. It is regarded as a stone of passion and romance.

rough purple amethyst crystals on a white backdrop

february: amethyst

Amethyst is one of the most popular gemstones used in jewelry. It's known for it's rich purple color and tranquility-inducing nature.

rough aquamarine crystals on a white background

march: aquamarine

Remniscient of pale Carribbean waters, aquamarine is a stone regarded by royalty, but you don't have to be a princess to enjoy this beautiful gem.

Birthstone jewelry is a keepsake and tangible reminder of what's most important in life. It's a great gift for many occasions like:

  • Mother's Day
  • Valentine's Day
  • Wedding or Engagement
  • Christmas, Hannukah, and Kwanza
  • Birthdays
  • Graduations
  • Easter
  • Celebrating Long Distance Relationships
  • Sympathy, Loss, or Miscarriage
  • Milestones
  • Push Present or Baby Shower
  • Friend groups, roommates, and bridal parties
rough diamonds laying on a white backdrop

april: diamond and herkimer diamond

Traditional diamonds and rough diamonds are both beautiful birthstones of April.

Herkimer diamond is a rare form of quartz mined in the USA that has recently emerged as a modern sustainable alternative to traditional diamonds.

rough emerald crystals on a white background

may: emerald

One of the most famous stones of all time, emerald has a deep green color. The birthstone of May is highly prized but no need to be green with envy because anyone can enjoy this stone. Our favorite is raw emerald which is starkly different from it's refined counterpart.

white rainbow moonstone crystals for jewelry

june: moonstone, pearl, and alexandrite

It's just like a gemini to be indecisive - maybe that's why June has three birthstones! We use natural moonstone for June in our raw birthstone jewelry.

Using gemstones to represent each month isn't exclusive to birthdays and can be used in other ways. Here are some creative ways that our customers have used birthstones in their jewelry:

  • Anniversary/wedding month
  • Dates of important milestones
  • Metaphysical beliefs and healing
  • Eye colors or personality traits associated with gemstone colors
natural rubies

july: ruby

Ruby has a rich history as one of the most prized stones, treasured and traded by royalty throughout time. Raw ruby retains it's innate "imperfections" and looks quite different from it's refined counterpart.

green peridot gemstone nuggets

august: peridot

Just like the people born in this warm summer month, peridot is bright and bold. Raw peridot crystal jewelry represents the unique beauty of people born in August with it's unique texture and shape.

sapphire nuggets for raw gemstone jewelry

september: sapphire

A stone with rich lore and history dating back to the Bible, sapphire is prized for it's rich blue color. Raw sapphire crystals look different from refined sapphire and retain their natural beauty.

Insider tip: You do not have to feel limited to wearing only your birthstone, feel free to wear the stones that speak to you. There's no bad juju, so don't listen to old wive's tales!

raw pink tourmaline crystals for october birthstone jewelry

october: pink tourmaline and opal

Pink tourmaline and opal are both super unique stones that symbolize the bright light emanated by those born in October.

november: citrine and topaz

Citrine crystals embody the bright energy of citrus fruits that create beautiful jewelry that's wearable year-round. For neutral-lovers, topaz is a stone that's easy to style while representng your personal story.

december: tanzanite and turquoise

Both of the december birthstones are a beautiful blue reminder of the unique qualities of December babies. Whether you choose the soft, purplish-blue tanzanite crystal or the striking and popular turquoise nugget for your birthstone jewelry, it will be a sentimental piece to cherish.

Here are a few things to keep in mind when customizing your raw birthstone jewelry:

1) Some months have multiple birthstones. The options may vary for different types of jewelry, so make sure to check each product listing photo gallery for a birthstone chart.

2) We use raw birthstones in much of our handmade jewelry which are unconventional and unique so be sure to check out the photos for the natural variety.

3) Have questions or need help deciding on your design? Don't hesitate to send us a message!

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