What's my birthstone? A month-by-month guide

raw birthstone necklaces
Birthstone jewelry is a beautiful personalized gift to yourself or a loved one. I make raw birthstone jewelry with options for every month, including customized necklaces to represent your family. This guide will help you find birthstones by month.
Click on the name of each month to view all available jewelry with that stone.

A few things to keep in mind:

- A few months have two stones, so be sure to browse through each option.
- Don't feel restricted to only wear your birthstone! Gemstones are not exclusive to those born in the months they represent so feel free to wear any stone that speaks to you!

January - Garnet

woman wearing garnet raw birthstone necklaces

February - Amethyst

raw purple amethyst february birthstone necklaces

March - Aquamarine

rough aquamarine march birthstone necklace

April - Diamond

rough diamond necklaces for women

May - Emerald

raw emerald birthstone necklaces

June - Moonstone

raw moonstone jewelry

July - Ruby

raw ruby july birthstone jewelry

August - Peridot

raw peridot august birthstone jewelry

September - Sapphire

raw blue sapphire september birthstone necklaces

October - Opal & Pink Tourmaline

rough opal october birthstone necklacesrough pink tourmaline birthstone necklaces

November - Topaz & Citrine

rough beige topaz november birthstone necklacesyellow raw citrine november birthstone necklaces

December - Tanzanite

raw tanzanite december birthstone gold necklace

Combining the birthstones of your loved ones in a custom birthstone necklace is a special, personalized gift.

custom raw birthstone necklace
I'd love to create a personized piece of birthstone jewelry for you! If you have any remaining questions, please get in touch using the contact form and I'd be happy to assist in creating your treasure.